How do I get started?


Simply go to www.enjoyonlinecourses.com and select either an Individual Course, one of our unique packages or the Course Library.


How do I purchase?


Please go to www.enjoyonlinecourses.com/buy and add your product to the Shopping Basket.


The next step is to register your Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email Address and Password and select Purchase.


You will then be emailed your Username. You will not receive a password as you selected your unique password at checkout.


If have forgotten your password please select the password reset button on www.enjoyonlinecourses.com/onlinecourses.


Please be aware that sometimes password reset emails land in the wrong places. Please have a look in your SPAM box or Junk Folder. We’re sorry if this happens and if it does or disappears please get in touch with us at support@enjoyonlinecourses.com and one of the team will manually reset it for you. We aim to get back to you within 24 Hours.


How do I purchase an extension or a new product?


Please log in to the website using your log in credentials and re-purchase any of the displayed items.


Often of a learner has any issues during this process the Support Team recommends clearing the cache/history on your browser. Just to let you know that we often do security upgrades. This means that often our user’s browser is pointing to an older version of our website. We’re sorry if this happens. If you have any issues please contact one of the team at support@enjoyonlinecourses.com


What do I do if I need assistance?

Please contact one of the team at support@enjoyonlinecourses.com and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours.


What do I do if I get a great idea for a new online course?


This is great news and we’d like you to get started straight away and see if your ideas fit in with Lifelong Learning. If they do please have a look at our Affiliate Page on our website www.enjoyonlinecourses.com/affiliates