Mindfulness for Individuals

Accredited 60 Hour Mindfulness for Individuals

Health and Wellness | 60 Hours



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The Accredited 60 Hour Mindfulness for Individuals Course will teach you Affective or Mindfulness Skills. Mindfulness is your ability to stay focused on your present experience – NOW – with non-judgemental awareness. It trains your mind consciously to become more aware of your inner and outer experience, and helps you to manage and control your emotions. It gives you the capacity to manage strong feelings and impulses.

Through full Mindful thinking and reflection, you can understand events in context, and avoid jumping to false or damaging conclusions or making knee-jerk reactions. This clear, calm way of thinking allows you to assess situations and think of the best ways to respond.

  • Essential Toolkit for TEFL Teachers
  • Specialist Skills will enhance your CV
  • Employers recognise Innovation
  • Increased Focus
  • Improves Creativity and Innovation
  • Improves Relationships at work
  • Improves Positive Thinking
  • Improves Decision Making


  • What is Mindfulness? with Video Animation
  • Why take the Mindfulness Course?
  • How the Course works
  • The Benefits of Mindfulness
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Health
  • Performance
  • Relationships
  • Course Duration
  • Introduction
  • The Benefits
  • The Science: with Video Animation
  • Top Tips
  • Practice: (Download Available)
  • TAKE 5 with Video Animation
  • Reflection: Regular Practice Log (Download Available)
  • Suggested Reading


The Mindfulness for Individuals Course is an outstanding program, which can be taken over 9 weeks or longer. It has allowed me to stand-back and see events from a clearer perspective, make better decisions and improve my relationships at work and home. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Careers Development

Careers in helping others to deal with life’s ups and downs are in high demand and will continue to be an essential part of 21ST century home and work life. Mindfulness Skills support Life Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership roles. Salary expectations can be $50k++. Life Coaching and Mindfulness Specialists can expect an income of much more.

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Mindfulness for Individuals

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