Social Media Marketing

Use online Social Media platforms and websites to promote products or services

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SMM is the use of online social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. It is a process and strategy for encouraging and gaining website traffic to your site or for gaining attention.

Most social marketing programmes and strategies are based on social media marketers creating multimedia content that attracts interest and sparks conversations about them and their business and brand and encourages readers and listeners to share the content with their social networks.

The SMM Course from Enjoy Online Courses will help you engage with your new-found social contacts and deliver your brand and marketing message in an attractive and interesting way, so that your contacts and their friends and families may eventually buy what you have to offer on your website.


Welcome to Enjoy Online Courses and our course on Social Media Marketing.

Critical learning factors underpinning this high quality accredited course

  • Cognitive Processes
  • Metacognitive Processes
  • Mindfulness
  • Module Objective
  • So, what is Social Media Marketing?
  • What's in it for you?
  • Solid relationship-building with customers
  • You can reach a bigger and wider audience than traditional marketing
  • A personal touch that other marketing methods cannot match
  • You can run low-cost targeted social ads providing real-time results
  • Drawbacks of, and risks to, successful SMM
  • Module Objective
  • Algorithms
  • Choosing Your Social Networks
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Top Tips for success
  • Pinterest
  • Module Objective
  • Your writing skills
  • Promote your brand at all times
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be creative
  • Research your intended SMM platforms
  • Make the right decision about the platform(s) to use
  • Become Mindful
  • Know and understand the technology and terminology
  • Get to grips with the analytics
  • Be realistic
  • Become reflective
  • Become detail-oriented
  • Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Create your SMM vision, values and goals
  • Understand the need to prioritise your strategies
  • Build your community
  • Build relationships with others who count
  • Understand and utilise the Pareto Principle
  • Nurture resilience
  • Network with successful, resilient SMM people
  • Become a good organiser and time manager
  • The customer is king/queen
  • Photographic/ infographic skills
  • Your SMM strategy
  • Module Objective
  • Identify and prioritise the marketing goals you need to achieve
  • Set your marketing objectives
  • Explore the different social media platforms
  • Identify buyer personas and use them
  • Decide on your budget and resources, and then choose your platform(s)
  • Research Your Competition
  • Set your content approach
  • Employ analytics frequently
  • Take the End of Course Assessment and get rewarded with your Accredited Certificate
  • Constantly develop yourself
  • Enjoy Online Courses
  • My Five-Point Personal Development Plan


The Social Media and Marketing Course from Enjoy Online Courses is a clear and exciting course, which showed me how to reach and retain more customers, within a defined budget. It works! Highly recommended!”

Careers Development

The growth of Social Media Marketing is now the new norm as legacy channels subside. Becoming a Social Media Marketer is an essential part of the modern workplace and as a Social Media Marketing expert you can expect to earn $70k++.

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