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Our Specialist Courses have been designed for individuals who would like to deepen their understanding in a specific area of teaching. Future employers will recognise your commitment to teaching with these courses on your CV and these skills will help you become a master teacher, a teacher who can connect with their students.

  • Internationally Accredited Online TEFL Course
  • Internationally recognised so you can get a job
  • Great Price because we understand what it's like starting something new
  • Great Course with easy navigation and quizzes to help you build knowledge
  • We offer excellent support from our personal tutors, who are here to help you answer your questions
  • Use your Laptop, Tablet and Mobile so you can take the course, while you're working or on the move. Ideas always arrive at times we don't expect them
  • The course is open 24/7 and fits in with your life, it's flexible


  • The TEYL Area
  • How Children Learn and Develop, in General
  • L2 Listening
  • Teaching Listening and Speaking
  • Teaching Reading and Writing
  • Stories
  • Strategies for Getting It Right First Time

Careers Development

With an Enjoy 60 hour TEYL Online Course you can start to teach, travel and discover what it’s like to work and live in a new country and culture. By living abroad you will gain a new perspective of your planet, which is an amazing opportunity. There are currently 1.5 billion people in the world learning English and in Asia English Teachers are in great demand. As ASEAN countries grow their demand for excellent TEFL teachers is massive and the Enjoy TEFL experts can help you find your perfect job.

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60 Hour TEYL

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