Learning doesn't end when the course is finished;
it's the beginning.


Lifelong Learning offers the best hope for all individuals taking part in education during the 21st Century.

At Enjoy Online Courses we understand that acquiring new skills will help individuals gain sustainable competitive advantage in their lifetime. Our courses will help you begin your lifelong learning journey and help you stimulate ideas.

Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

— The Economist

"Lifelong learning encompasses learning at all ages and subsumes formal, non-formal and informal learning."


Lifelong learning offers the best possible way to encourage creativity and innovation, which will lead to new solutions to solve existing problems. Lifelong learning also encourages individuals to adapt to their constantly changing environment by striving to obtain new skills on a continual basis. Lifelong learning offers a chance to reduce inequality as individuals search for new ways of solving local, national and international issues.


We want to help you getting talking, collaborating and coming up with hunches and ideas. We want to help you create the right environment for your ideas.

We create and design Online Courses for an interconnected world and provide skills for the 21st Century for both individuals and businesses.

Here’s the good news. Your learning will not finish with just one course but will begin and develop with a range of interconnected online courses to help you lifelong learn.

This dynamic world offers many challenges and acquiring a strong portfolio of skills to match the ever-changing requirements of the work place and home life will be necessary to remain sustainable.

Enjoy Online Courses is not just offering one stand-alone course; we’re offering a range of modern, interconnected and the ‘Essential Life and Work Toolkit for the 21st Century.’

We want you to lifelong learn and create those future ideas. We won’t just leave you after one course; we’ll show you how they interconnect with each other and build upon one another. These are the best Online Courses for Future Ideas and for those Future Stars out there.

Lifelong Learning

The Team at Enjoy Online Courses would like to help you Lifelong learn by teaching you cognitive, affective and metacognitive skills. These skills will give you clarity, to enable you to find your true potential and pursue your dreams of creativity, adaptability and innovation. Become your ideas because you can.

Get Started

What about ideas?

Once you discover your passion you will start creating, innovating and develop the ideas you’ve always had.

We at Enjoy Online Courses think that Individuals are more motivated to learn when studying is self-directed, self-managed and independent. It’s learning by exploring and discovery that makes us the most successful and gives us those ideas.

By using the Course Library alongside the Lifelong Learning Course will help you, the learner, engage and keep going because this is exactly what happens when we discover something we really enjoy. Once you discover your passion you will start creating, innovating and develop the ideas you’ve always had.

Get Energised

We all know that when we enjoy something we are engaging and maximising our cognitive, affective and metacognitive awareness and skills. We would like to help you do this more often.

We will help you to understand that a failure or mistake does not mean you as an individual has failed but rather that the decision making process and learning tools need to be developed and continuously improved through self-reflection and open-minded discussion, balanced with the desire to take a risk and see what works and doesn’t work.

Become your ideas

By using the Course Library you will deal with life’s up and downs in a more effective and ‘can do’ way. We will help you develop skills, which will allow you to create a tailored approach to problem-solving, one that changes depending on context.